Saveme info

Funded by the European
Commission under the

FP7 NMP Theme
Project Acronym: SaveMe
Project ID: 263307
Start Date: 01-03-2011
Duration: 48 months
Project Budget: 14.04 Million Euro
Type: Collaborative project
End Date: 28-02-2015
Project Status: Execution


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SaveMe main goal is focused on the development of brand new generic nanosystems, which act as advanced molecular imaging agents or as delivery vehicles of highly potent non-classic drugs, for cancer diagnosis, guided surgery and therapy. The consortium will study, test, select and optimize the proposed nanosystems using primarily in-silico & in-vitro advanced models, leading to the final in vivo step with a minimal animals study.

1. Requirements and Specifications (R&S) per regulatory guidelines and constrains

2. Development of generic nano-core platform activated for molecular imaging and drug delivery

3. Cancer selective targeting and diffusion active agents

4.  Novel non-classic drugs (nucleic acids and antibodies) and personalized therapy based on cancer Degradomics

5.  In-silico & in-vitro analysis: safety & efficacy of various active imaging and therapeutic nanosystems

6.  In-vivo proof of concept minimally required studies of selected prototypes